August 11, 2012

A Stark Choice

So, now that Romney has chosen Ryan as his running mate, the choice in November is starker than it has been in recent memory. Ryan, the aficionado of Ayn Rand, has hanging around his neck his dramatically destructive budget proposal, which replaces Medicare with private insurance vouchers. These vouchers don't necessarily cover the costs of premiums and may in fact be worthless since insurance carriers will not be obliged to offer coverage.

So, the choice for American voters is now between:
  • Obama/Biden, who say we're all in this together and we have to cooperate and help each other to succeed. 
  • Romney/Ryan, who not only philosophize about everybody watching out for themselves, benefiting from the misfortunes of others, and the strongest surviving (Ryan), but have actually implemented that philosophy (Romney).
I do not believe that Americans are a heartless people and, faced with this choice in November, I believe they will choose righteously.