August 16, 2011

The Consequences of Citizens United

Because 2012 will be the first Presidential election since the Citizens United decision, we should watch the amount of money expended by corporations, organizations, and unions in favor of or opposition to candidates for office. Because corporations, organizations, and unions have as their focus a very narrow set of the needs and wants of their contributors, they further the goals of what are termed "special interests" much more than the direct contributions of individual citizens to individual candidates, both complex human beings with varied interests and goals. If in 2012 the corporate expenditures vastly outweigh the amount of money expended by individuals, we should resign ourselves to the fact that special interests are in control of American politics as a natural consequence of the freedom of speech. Consequently, instead of the Federal and state governments reflecting the needs and wants of the average American, they will instead reflect a cocktail of jockeying special interests.