January 20, 2009

Tomorrow is Now?

I was waiting to feel something profound today. I saw the swearing in. I saw the parade. I saw the speech. But it still hasn't made me feel what I hoped I might. Perhaps my anger at, yet collaboration with, the political spirit of the last twenty years, with its persistance of selfishness and squelching of generosity, has deafened my heart to what could be.

Could we all believe in each other again? As in the book of Revelation where the lion lies down with the lamb, will free-market conservatives, morality-driven evangelicals, security-focused nationalists, peace-seeking liberals, helping-hand populists, and all other stripes and philosophies of Americans, really soften their stances and reach out their hands?

If so, what will I have to give up -- to the Rick Warrens, the Rush Limbaughs, the Michael Savages, the Ann Coulters? If they do not change their poison for honey, should I still open myself to them?

Sadly, today I have no answers. But I have hope they will come.