December 10, 2008

The Tragedy of Zimbabwe

The ongoing saga of the descent of Zimbabwe from prosperous to impoverished continues. CNN reports that a massive cholera epidemic is occurring on top of the massive hunger and the massive inflation. All of this began when Mugabe took a ham-fisted approach towards rectifying the injustices of colonialism and seized the arable land from mostly white farmers and gave it to his supporters, few of whom had any farming experience. There were many more ways that he could have distributed the wealth of his country more fairly without losing this intellectual capital.

I believe that Barack Obama, in his first few months in office, should offer his services to broker the peaceful transfer of power between Mugabe and, by most accounts, the rightful president of Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai. As long as the incompetent and despotic demagogue Mugabe remains in any position of national power in that pitiful country, it will only continue its decline.