October 21, 2006

We have work to do...

Landismom makes an important observation that if we Democrats win (especially both houses) a few weeks from now, that is only the start. Let's hope that Pelosi and Reid have put their heads together and there is a true, bold agenda for change. We need
  • universal healthcare -- hopefully "Medicare for Everyone",
  • a significant raise in the minimum wage -- I'd say to $10/hour, which is about twice poverty-level for a family of four with two full-time breadwinners,
  • a sane Iraq policy -- I'd say a phased withdrawal over a couple of years with measurable milestones that the Iraqi government should meet, and
  • restoration of habeas corpus -- a 'fixing' or a repeal of the military commissions law.
The right-wing has proved itself incapable of governing, but very good at criticism, spin, and sly electioneering. They are very comfortable in the peanut gallery, but not so much in the captain's chair. They'll gain their footing quickly once we are in power and they have us as a target. So, it will be necessary to move quickly before the well of the public's goodwill has been poisoned.