July 06, 2003

Human Freedom Amendment

If some people believe that they can get a constitutional amendment passed to guard against gay marriage, why can 't those of us who disagree work for the passage of the ultimate constitutional amendment -- the Human Freedom Amendment.

This amendment would replace the piecemeal efforts to find a right of privacy in the current constitution with a holistic amendment to the constitution that would enshrine the following principle: whatever gives the individual more power over their own life while not harming anyone else is good. Conversely, the things that would be deemed bad would be those things that inhibit the freedom of the individual to lead their own life (while not harming others) or those things that allow people to bring harm to others.

A possible wording for this amendment would be:

Neither Congress nor the states shall make any law that abridges individual freedom, except for laws prohibiting acts that bring harm to other individuals.

As now, it would up to judges to determine if laws passed by legislatures would be in accordance with this amendment.