May 04, 2013

The Civil Cold War

Source: ThinkProgress
Per ThinkProgress, the soon-to-be president of the NRA has even more radical views than his predecessor. I think the hysterical mistrust of the Federal Government that has infected the South since the founding of our country has spread throughout the country and we are fighting what I would term a 'Civil Cold War' that is nation-wide in scope. Our segregation is less geographic than ever and more maintained by news sources, pastimes, religions, and other more portable markers.

Raised on the Registry

I found this new report Raised on the Registry by Human Rights Watch and was really surprised at the legal ramifications children are facing here. I hope this report changes some minds, particularly those of lawmakers. Branding a person for life as the worst kind of person for a mistake made out of ignorance when they were ten or twelve seems truly awful and tragic. Also, to be clear, I don't think sympathy is zero-sum in this case -- having sympathy for children labeled as perpetrators should not diminish our sympathy for children recognized as victims.

A Burgeoning Non-issue

Kwaku Alston for Sports Illustrated
This week Jason Collins became the first current major league player to come out as gay. I hope the largely positive reception is a sign that being gay will soon be a non-issue in all aspects of our society -- as much of a non-issue as being Jewish or married. It should be such a non-issue that it can be casually mentioned in a conversation (or public interview) without headlines or fuss.